Receiving a Massage

An Introduction

Massage is the ability of receiving. Taking the best benefits from a treatment is also relied to the predisposition of the recipient. Receiving a massage represents the ability of receiving; for many, (more in use to give then receiving) allowing someone else hands to offer what they need is not easy.

​​​Before the massage, just get prepared for the special time you want to dedicate to yourself. Before starting the session you will be briefly asked about your current health and lifestyle; it is also a good moment to express your preference as the type of oils, depth of the pressure and if there is any part of your body you prefer not to be treated ( face, feet, hands..).

During the session It is important you to tell us if something is uncomfortable or painful, apart from that your aim will be to relax and focus on your sensation.​​

It is important for us to make clear our work policy: we are professional therapist and work to a code of ethics. We offer massage in Bristol – we do not offer any kind of sexual, sensual or extra service in our treatments. Please keep it in mind and do not ask for it otherwise you will create an uncomfortable moment for both parties.
​It is possible that during the treatment feelings of sexual arousal may occur, please do not be embarrassed. It is a natural, common physiological response of the parasympathetic nervous system that get activated when touch is administered to any part of the body and it will pass, you just need to keep focus on the massage and your breathe.
After your treatment, we will leave you your time to get your body back and will recommend drinking plenty of water in order to help the body flush out materials released during the massage.