Be Pampered

Pamper yourself with a Tantric massage

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The beauty of having a massage is that you do not need to do anything. You prefer to dedicate a separate room for your own comfort and relaxation. You also may like to light some scented candles and put on some soothing music to help get you well and truly relaxed. At the end of the treatment you won’t need to rush anywhere, but just saying “good bye” to us. Calling us in advance to book your massage will allow you to ask any question or explain any specific requirement, so that we will be able to meet your needs on the day.  Our aim is to deliver our best always and make your massage special and remarkable.

“I called Eroline one week before the massage and she made sure all my needs were met and all my questions answered. On the day of the massage there was enough room to accommodate me comfortably. They had a friendly professional approach and were very accommodating.  I went for a Tantric treatment that was just amasing.”

What previous clients say about Pamper Parties:​

They were able to deliver the most wonderful erotic and sensual massage. Just wonderful. I would recommend the massage to any man who enjoys the sensual touch of a beautiful woman.


I wanted to try something different to enjoy during our weekly girls night. Erolienne had a professional and at the same time fresh approach, making us feel at easy.  I had a wonderful nigh getting spoiled and having fun at the same time.


I have always been a “Tantric person” .. She has a good background in Tantra and in addition of delivering a great Tantric treatment, she was also able to explain it. She is an expert in deep Tantric massage and despite her little size, she was able to really go deep in my tight muscles. I have also received an extra free 30 minutes massage! Thanks girls!


Thanks to their total commitment, I received the best present ever and I wasn’t the only one to benefit.