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We are a team of 3 professional Tantric masseurs based off Victoria Street in the centre of Bristol. We are open from 9.30 am to 9.30pm. Please contact us to make an appointment

We continue to study extensively in an effort to understand the human body and the power of the touch. We believe massage and holistic therapy play an important role in improving one’s quality of life on a physical and emotional level, for this reason we dedicate part of our life in attending seminars and classes in order to receive​ continuous feedback; that makes us grow as therapists and human beings. We are fully qualified in Tantra.

Team Members

Paula has been working here for almost two years ans comes from a strong background of professional massage. Below you can read her background and her belief in Tantric massage to provide a sensual and relaxing massage for everybody.

“I had my first experience with holistic therapies at the age of 23 when I took my first level of Tantra and began to attend Tantra meditation groups. Years later I attended and graduated at the Tantra School where I studied massage and increased my knowledge at an higher level. I moved to Birmingham where I progressively graduated in holistic massage, sport massage, advanced and deep tissue massage, Indian head and hot and cold stone massage. During my experience, I learned a variety of Tantric techniques which I slot in into my massages session depending on the requirements and preferences of the client.

I keep carrying out additional training every year, but aside from attending schools and receiving diplomas, what really interested me is practise, working with people, talking with my clients, building sensual relationships with people and the bodies I get in contact with. For me there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying then seeing the look of restored vitality and beauty after a massage. I work with male and female clients athletes, busy businessmen, parents, manual workers and many more. With my knowledge and experience of massage I am able to structure and offer a comprehensive treatment plan for my clients. Depending of the kind of treatment I may work using stretching, trigger point or relaxation work.​


“I believe in the profound healing power of conscious touch​ and I am committed to helping people remember how great is it to be alive and to enjoy their bodies. ​​I attended professional courses such as Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Sport massage and more complementary therapies which opened me a new lifestyle, a new passion and a new career. As a human I respect all human beings and honour their process, as an experienced Tantra therapist I am genuinely interested in helping people to feel better. My training, education and experience allow me to safely address my skills into every treatment aiming to achieve the best results every time while creating an atmosphere of genuine caring and concern for your well-being.

During all of these years working as a massage therapist I have understood the importance of listening our body and to give special care to it. Massage is more than pampering yourself and it is not just about physical benefits; a good sensual massage is also about relieving the stress that can plague our bodies, it gives the care that your body and mind deserve, it provides connection between your physical and your spirit. I truly believe that a good treatment is the best medicine  and together with nutrition and exercise, bodywork is integral to a healthy life.